A native of Berkeley, California with 14 years abroad in three countries, Anastasia is a cultural writer/producer/entrepreneur on a global rollercoaster: Fired in Hollywood, abandoned on a snake-infested island off Borneo, married in an Ottoman palace, interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today show. She is a visionary for the global life we can lead with the help of social & mobile technology and our own media.

She brings it all home as cofounder of the Web 3.0 & Life 3.0 startup GlobalNiche.net. GlobalNiche equips individuals and groups to build global community & achieve their goals by activating their online presence. It is a digital literacy training company for content marketing/personal branding/platform-building from a custom & global perspective. The biggest hurdles online are vulnerabilities of becoming more visible, acting on what you feel called to do, taking charge of your presence.

After a decade in Manhattan and LA media including as an online and business editor at Internet World magazine in Y2K Silicon Alley, she created the internationally bestselling Tales from the Expat Harem anthology recommended by the NY Times, National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet and the Globe & Mail, and its online discussion community for global citizens on the topics of identity adventure, global nomadism, and the hybrid soul. An “accidental anthologist”, novelist Elif Shafak called my first book ”one of the 5 best books on Turkey“.

She has got a Bryn Mawr College degree in Classical Archaeology, of all things.