We are proud to announce the launch of 3S Landing Pad (also called Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco). Before detailing our new adventure let’s look back to where our story begins…

We started 3 years ago by launching Startupbootcamp Istanbul, the first global acceleration program in Turkey. We ran a successful program at Bahcesehir University in 2014, with a cohort of 9 teams. We organised a Demo Day by the breeze of Bosphorus with the attendance of more than 500 local and global invitees consisting of investors, mentors, partners and startups. We experienced excellent visibility in the ecosystem;

One such team is Zeplin, who graduated from Startupbootcamp Istanbul in 2014 and got accepted into YC a year later. They moved to San Francisco and after the YC Demo Day, they saw immense growth and they developed into a world-class SaaS platform, with more than 1 million active users today. Smart Moderation joined them too and moved to San Francisco to open up new markets.

Looking back on Startupbootcamp Istanbul 2015 Alumni…

Accumulating our learnings from 2014 program, we kept striving to help startups become successful global ventures. We wanted to continue our journey with the solid support of an investment fund. In 2015, our founders established StartersHub, a $10 million investment fund with MV Holding and Gedik Yatirim as the lead investors.

In 2015, we traveled 20.000 miles to find the best startups for our program. As luck would have it, we met one of our alumni Eventbaxx, in Berlin during a FastTrack event. We ran a very successful program with a cohort of 10 teams and now our graduates have access to additional financial resources due to this fund. Among our 2015 alumni, we have more success stories to share as our 2015 alumni turned their focus to global expansion. Sixa received seed investment from StartersHub immediately after the program and got accepted into YC. After moving to San Francisco and graduating from YC, their total investment raised reached almost $4 million. Monument moved to Chicago raised more than $870K on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and received additional $1.82 million from institutional investors. Starting their expansion to Europe and to the Middle East, Segmentify received $2.5 million planning to move their headquarters to the San Francisco.

After three programs, it was time for something new…

In 2016, we had a cohort of 9 teams, 7 of which came from abroad. After running three programs, we witnessed all the pain points startups experience on the way to become successful scale-ups. With this insight, we started working on our Version 2.0 and decided to launch Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco.

Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco is an innovation program for post-revenue technology startups from all over the globe, launching in Silicon Valley by the global accelerator Startupbootcamp, the five-university consortium of Starcamp and the leading early-stage technology seed fund based in Istanbul StartersHub. Every stakeholder adds unique value to this partnership, officially recognized as “3S Landing Pad”, supporting the most promising ready to scale global technology startups.

This program offers a customised approach, focusing on the specific needs of the startups through mentoring and masterclasses. Empowering high-potential tech startups, we assure hands-on mentoring and free office locations in 3 different co-working spaces in Bay Area, along with immediate access to a top-notch network and vibrant community of mentors, investors and corporates. We connect startups with the right people, give them marketing, PR support, organise sales and investor demo days.

We’re excited to be launching 3S Landing Pad, the first Startupbootcamp program in San Francisco, and to continue to help entrepreneurs from around the world establish a foothold in the center of the technology universe.

Huge thanks to our partners, StartersHub, Starcamp, Startupbootcamp for collaborating with us on this exciting venture.

For more information on Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco, 3S Landing Pad, or to apply to the program, please visit our program application page.

Testimonials from our family

Ercan Erciyes
Co-founder of Monument
‘It was an amazing experience to join the StartersHub family. Within the scope of the program, we got the chance to reach out to potential target customers before launching and identified a very important competitive differentiator for our product. Accordingly, this pushed us to re-shape and pivot our product and business model.’

Marc Greweing
Co-founder of Eventbaxx
‘This accelerator program helped us extend our vision in a very short period of time. Thanks to the feedback, we structured and projected our long-term goals and business plan early on. We learned and gained more in the first five days of the program than in the last two months before the program. After the program ended, StartersHub’s support has incrementally continued every single day. Consequently, it can be said that ‘Eventbaxx was born in Germany and grew up in Turkey.’

Mykola Minchenko
Co-founder of Sixa
‘Startupbootcamp Istanbul helped us finding the right angel investor and guided us through the deal process. With that help, we had what we need, even before the Demo Day. We are thankful for Startupbootcamp Istanbul and our co-investor StartersHub.’