Our 20th week anniversary was celebrated through our new office opening its doors to new opportunities and visitors. Enerspace, a co-working space located in 2225 East Bayshore Rd, will be hosting our startups until the program terminates. The new office has already proven to be a quiet, work-friendly working space with an amicable, energising atmosphere. One of its main advantages is to be sharing the space with other companies from various industries such as marketing, computer technology, biotechnology and investment management, contributing to the collective enthusiasm of our teams while creating opportunities for collaboration.

One of the most exciting events of the week was hosted on Thursday by Pear Venture Capital, our upstairs neighbor in our old office. Pear VC was founded entirely by immigrants, coming to America “penniless, but with big ideas”, working with the objective of helping founders develop category-defining companies from scratch. This philosophy adopts a realistic understanding of how success is achieved following setbacks and the proper overcoming of hurdles. We were excited to be invited to their annual fair, along with other startups, and important names from the industry. Apart from creating a great platform for extending our network for future partnerships and collaborations, the fair was extremely enjoyable.

Apart from the ongoing weekly hassle of events and sessions, our teams keep reporting new achievements. Adam, co-founder of Cabture, our startup specialising in traveller entertainment and engagement, shared these updates. They have signed 3 letters of intent from 3 clients in the USA, making their progress more tangible in the US market. Cabture was also excited to welcome Jo Hurd into their team as a formal Board Member. Also a Board Member of Edelman, Mr. Hurd has an extremely impressive background including positions like former Director of Emerging Markets at Facebook, director at LSE: GOCO, Senior political appointee in the Obama administration and a J.D. graduate from Harvard Law School. Adam was enthusiastic to share that he will be actively involved in Cabture’s growth and strategy making in the US.


Doubtless, the most valuable insight of the week were gained from Ben Narasin’s session on “What to Watch out for During Investment Presentations”. Ben starts out the 7 points of critical importance by emphasizing the first bullet point: less wording. The second bullet point recommends the sharing of a demo or an example for a more engaging, interactive presentation. The 3rd and 4th bullet points highlight the need for competitive slide and determining the region you dominated first. If your traction is low, compare yourself to your competitors’ traction history; maybe you are growing faster when compared to their history Ben elaborates as the 5th point. According to Ben’s 6th bullet point, a team should have at least 2 co-founders, representing less risk for investors. Finally, being on time for an investor presentation, means being early.

As our new office introduces us to possible new horizons and connections, we are excited to take on what’s ahead in the coming weeks.