Stepping into yet another week of events back to back, our teams were astonished for the sphere of new insights they were introduced to. These new domains were brought to our collective knowledge through visitors from Charles Schwab Digital Innovation, Mastercard, and Inventus Law Firm.

The first visitor of the week was Sushil Kalyam, the Managing Director of Charles Schwab Digital Innovation, who conducted 1:1’s with our teams. Sushil has a very strong background in corporate life, having served as the Senior Product Manager at Zynga and a member of the Corporate Development team in charge of venture investments and innovation at IBM. A key contribution Sushil made during the 1:1’s was bringing up key questions to transform our teams’ thinking or approach to their products and services. For instance, Sushil brought up asset management product integration for Sensfix. Sensfix’s Balaji stated that they are democratizing asset management workflow and aspiring to achieve a fully automated repair workflow. Hearing this, Sushil pointed out the importance of focusing on fixing as a platform of differentiation. When talking to Optiyol, the significance of target customer determination and focusing on core assets came up. Possible API accesses on new forms and platforms of delivery were further discussed.


Our second event was David Galvan’s visit. David serves as the Vice President of Mastercard, working under Digital Partnerships department. His commitment to what he does and educated understanding of his responsibilities truly inspired the teams. The teams shared how they sensed that David was probably thinking about potential ways to contribute to the work processes and the collective team effort every second of his life.

His approach to the startups and what they offered, allowed different perspectives and potential new features of the teams’ products and services. For instance, David adeptly gave advice on potential digital partnerships for Kompas such as Uber, Airbnb and Amazon. Giving examples from Mastercard’s approach to startup engagement, David pointed to the necessity of acquiring an immensely vast array of users from around the world. Acquiring further data, especially surrounding purchase trends of merchants is very powerful in the case of personalized traveller advice. When talking to Sensfix, David elaborated on what kind of a place IOT will occupy in the near future, from coffee machines to car sensors. He was further intrigued by the elimination of repetitive jobs supplied by our startup He was particularly interested in seeing how this service would translate into embedded payment processing. Finally, while talking to Teleporter, he noted how companies like Mastercard are increasingly choosing to invest in VR technologies. Apart from these valuable insights, the visit even created the potential for future partnerships and collaborations.

The final event of the week involved our visit to Inventus Law Firm, a dedicated firm focusing on startup law. Inventus Law firm serves around the world, especially working in areas of corporate law, intellectual property and technology transactions and collaborating with founders, angel investors, incubator and accelerators. It was a privilege to get to meet the entire team and talk about establishing a formal partnership between our program 3SLP Startupbootcamp Scale and Inventus Law Firm.

We marked the end of the week through our weekly happy hour where we had the privilege to witness the increasing collaboration and supportive circle between our teams. The atmosphere of reciprocal cooperation in the office becomes even more palpable every passing day!