Week 22 was another week of vast connections and events for our teams. Every new connection equals new horizons, industry-related novel knowledge, recommendations coming from recent experience and endless possibilities.

Our first guest of the week was the CloudLead team. It was extremely interesting to have the opportunity to learn how their company functions and how the team manages to provide the service. Cloudlead is an expert in providing verified sales in order to assist companies in their sales and marketing initiatives. Their primary assets are the machine learning tools they developed and team of human researchers with their experience in gathering accurate and recent data. The team is capable of identifying multiple decision makers, building a targeted account list, finding key data points for personalized audience engagement and acquiring B2B sales intelligence. When their customer introduces their product and ideal customer, their service allows for delivering quality data into customers’ CRM systems. This service has become extremely critical in the corporate and startup industry as audience engagement and getting a desired response is extremely difficult and problematic. Noman Siddik, the founder and CEO of Cloudlead, lead a presentation with our teams on “Prospect Lead Data & Outbound Lead Generation”. Noman’s motivation and energy as he explained the consulting services he provides in order to help businesses grow truly left a mark in our office.

The second event of the week was welcoming David Kirby to our office. Davis is the Managing Director of PEAK Technology Partners and previously served in multiple notable companies such as Goldman Sachs. His current company, PEAK, is an independent investment bank working to provide strategic and financial consulting to technology companies making significant growth. David introduced their commitment to executing M&A and capital raising transactions through utilizing their seasoned industry knowledge, extended network, and decades of experience. Our teams were together with David for over 3 hours, conducting extremely fruitful 1:1s with useful and positive feedback.

One of the most important events of the week was the opportunity our teams had to listen to Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linkedin. The event, hosted by the Commonwealth Club in the Crowne Plaza Cabana, featured a conversation between Reid Hoffman and Gina Bianchini, the Founder and CEO of Mighty Networks in addition to an audience of tens of startups and established businesses. Having co-authored the book “Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies” with our mentor Chris Yeh, Mr. Hoffman elaborated on why blitzscaling is the only competitive advantage that matters to become the next Amazon or Facebook. His striking track record of success in business life has made Hoffman an angel investor in Facebook and Zynga as well as a board member of Airbnb, Apollo Fusion, Microsoft and more. is insights and advice for the startup founder attendees on navigating challenges and opportunities they are bound to face were extremely valuable for our teams.

Our last visitor of the week was Tom Rice; Tom serves as a mentor for a vast array of companies and programs such as German Accelerator, Peter Thiel 20 under 20, and other accelerator programs. Simply put, Tom is currently on 9 advisory boards, mentoring, teaching, and partnering with founders. His main line of work consists of working with overseas companies coming to Silicon Valley, assisting them with his 40 years of experience in the Valley. His advice was extremely applicable to our program and we were honored to receive his positive feedback on the program and the teams.

As we add more and more visitors to our guest list, we feel that our network is becoming more diverse and more settled with each coming day. It is exciting and honestly hard to keep track of the wonderful minds that step into our office every week. We can’t wait for more to come in the following last couple of weeks of the program.