As we get closer and closer to November, feelings of excited melancholy are palpable in the office. Our last couple of weeks are ahead of us as we try to make use of valuable time. Apart from welcoming our guests coming from Unilever Turkey, this week was all about individual attention to teams and 1:1 deep dives.

Here are some updates from our teams to help you keep up!

  • Our team Sensfix started a program in Portugal and their startup was honored to be featured in the Portuguese press and journals. They shared how they are navigating their sale circle as it functions drastically differently in India, the Netherlands and Portugal; the main difference in this context is how slowly sales finalize in Europe. We were especially excited to hear how their team is growing and developing.
  • Ebru from Codela is in Istanbul for a very work-heavy week. Apart from meeting with forerunners in their industry, she has been invited to the Bosphorus University as a speaker. Her speech was extremely well received, leading to other possible extensions of invitations from prestigious Turkish colleges. She plans to utilize her remaining time there by meeting with Codela’s current client list.
  • Publicfast has been working to extend their ideal market and open their product to new horizons as a means of revenue generation.
    Smart Mimic has been working to further extend the features of their device to improve Mimic’s scenario detection, creation and feasibility functions.

In addition to all these amazing developments, Cabture announced that over 50 hotels requested to join its beta in San Francisco. Adam from Cabture also attended the 100th TLPA Annual Convention & Trade Show fair: a 3-day convention in Las Vegas. The event featured 11 interactive sessions on innovation, technology, diversification, market trends and workforce. TLPA President Mike Pinckard commented on the purpose of the convention by saying: “It’s been said this is a three-day master class in running a transportation business, whether you have 1,000 vehicles in a major city or 10 vehicles in your town. Everybody at these events is here to help their fellow operator do one thing: Grown their business with new and better ideas.”

One of the main events we were following with respect to one of our teams, Kuan Intelligence, was the JD Conference. Kuan attended JD as a speaker and a partner of the conference, supporting the conference in terms of sourcing their UK suppliers as the event’s procurement team transition to London. “” is the largest retailer in China, as well as the 3rd largest Internet company in the world by revenue, with over 300 million active customers. Having Kuan’s name as one of the conference co-organisers was truly elevating for our program.

The final event of the week was the visit of 8 executives from Unilever Turkey, coming into our office, meeting the teams and engaging in active discussion regarding possible collaboration opportunities. Their presence, advice and positive feedback were humbling for our teams to experience.

As we leave a truly rewarding week of hearing back from our teams regarding their individual progress, we take a hesitant yet energized step into November, marking the last month of our program.