What we offer

6 Months in San Francisco

6 months with intense business and sales development experience in San Francisco where you can access to multiple co-working spaces without any rental cost.

Financial Support

$40,000 financial support per team to cover living and transportation expenses. Additional to in-cash support, program partners provide perks and discounts in the value of  $250,000.


Up to $250,000 investment opportunity by StartersHub, one of the main partners of 3S Landing Pad, along with other investors in our network.

Access to Network

Accessing the world’s leading startup ecosystems and extensive network of industry contacts.

Support Services

Support in establishing a well-developed corporation, legal assistance, bank account, and taxation relief.

Customized Mentoring & Advice

Mentoring and guidance from US based industry experts and accomplished entrepreneurs.

Marketing & PR

Supporting marketing and PR activities to drive communication and develop marketing plans.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Regular workshops on a wide range of topics; product/market fit, go-to-market strategy, fundraising, and sales amongst others.

Investor Events

Meetings with investors, most active VCs and angel investors at regular or occasional events.

Sales Demo Days

Pitching to the corporates to meet with potential paying customers, partners and distribution channels.

Post-Program Supports

Continued post-program support far after the 6-month program ends through annual alumni events, deals and tailored introductions.

Industry Events

Free or discounted tickets to leading startup and technology events.
In return, we ask for 5% equity. We don’t take board seats or preferred shares, and our contracts are simple and transparent. If you have any questions about 3S Landing Program, please do not hesitate to reach us at hello@3slandingpad.org.